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Welcome to the Grant County Band Program:

Your student is getting ready to be a part of the 2017-2018 band legacy here in Grant County.  As many of you know, the Grant County band program is one of the more distinguished band programs in the commonwealth.  This webpage will be utilized to communicate to students and
​"The master has failed more times than the beginner has tried."
parents outside of school and provide additional opportunities for students and serve as an aid to make your student a better musician. During the first couple of weeks, for beginning students, we will discuss all of the instruments available to play this year as well as learn the foundations and basics of music. 
Below, I have listed several important document and information for you and your students. Documents such as a monthly calendar, playing assessment records, policies regarding standards based grading, syllabus, and accessory/repair forms. These documents will allow students to continue growing outside of school. Parents and guardians will know what we do every day so you can engage your students at home and monitor their progress. Practicing is the single most influential aspect to a student's playing.  Your student may struggle and fail at first but overtime they will become a master musician.
Andrew McGrannahan 
Music Director
Liam Ralston twinned as Mr. McGrannahan and did an outstanding job!
  1. Managing Director
    Emily Durbin playing taps
  2. Managing Director
    8th grade group activity
  3. Managing Director
    2017 Spring Concert
  4. Managing Director
    I said no phones in class!!

Resources and middle school band information

Below contains all the of necessary documents for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year!

7th grade

Calendar (Coming soon)
Playing Assessment Schedule

Spring Concert Selections: Down in the Salley Gardens
Forge of Vulcan

8th grade

Calendar (Coming soon)
Playing Assessment Schedule

Spring Concert Selections: 

On The Mall                  mp3  pdf
Intermezzo Sinfonico  mp3  pdf
A Day at the Zoo          mp3  pdf
La La Land                      mp3  pdf ​Bohemian Rhapsody  

6th grade band

Calendar (Coming soon)
Playing Assessment Schedule

Spring Concert Selections: 
​Jazz Band
Winter Guard
​Pops Orchestra
Grant County Band Boosters
PO Box 194
Dry Ridge, KY 41035-0194